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Bipenggou's miraculous winter scenery makes people reluctant and unforgettable with its seclusion, danger, majesty and wonder. Bipenggou winter snow cover period is from the end of November to the end of March next year. The snow cover thickness is more than 60 centimeters. The snow quality is excellent. It is the best ice and snow entertainment place in low latitudes of southern China. Ice and snow entertainment venue can accommodate thousands of people for ice and snow entertainment. The venue is equipped with traction ropeway, providing a variety of entertainment facilities such as skis, snow ploughs, snow flying saucers, snow motorcycles, beach motorcycles and so on. Here, you can trek, ski, skate, climb snow peaks, fight snow fights, and make snowmen.

Bipenggou in winter is frozen for thousands of miles and drifting snow. It is called "the lowest latitude natural ice and snow entertainment center in Western China". Where can you see snow mountains, glaciers, fog, play with ice and snow, enjoy sunshine and air? & nbsp; Bipenggou Ice and Snow Casino is 13 kilometers away from the Tourist Center (opposite Nam Lake Hotel) with complete functions, including intermediate and primary ski lanes, ice and snow paradise for children's entertainment, snow motorcycle casino, beach motorcycle ring runway, etc. Set snow watching, skiing entertainment as one. Ski resort service facilities include electric conveyor belts, shopping spots, lounges, parking lots and so on. Ice and snow entertainment venues are also equipped with professional coaches to guide the implementation of standardized processes.

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