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The Bipenggou Valley Scenic Area is a national-level eco-tourism model zone and a National 4A tourism and scenic area. Administratively located inside the jurisdiction of Putou Township in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, and geographically situated at the core zone of the Miyaluo Nature Conservatory in a national-level human and nature biosphere, the Bipenggou Valley is a crucial component of the giant panda habitat corridor in the Qionglai Mountains, a vital part of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, and one of China's premier red leaf-viewing scenic destinations.

The Bipenggou Valley Scenic Area is 197km from Chengdu and its territory covers 172 square kilometers with altitude ranging from 2,015m - 5,922m. The area has a stratified alpine climate, an average annual temperature of 11℃ and average negative oxygen density of 12,000 ions per square centimeter of air.

The Bipenggou Valley Scenic Area boasts a diverse range of classy natural sceneries and tourism resources covering seven main categories, 21 sub-categories and 49 basic categories. Primary scenic spot resources can be divided into five classes, including 5 Grade Five tourism resources, 16 Grade Four tourism resources, 17 Grade Three tourism resources, 5 Grade Two tourism resources and 4 Grade One tourism resources.

Inside the Scenic Area: Idyllic natural sceneries and immaculate ecological landscapes include old-growth forests, mountain lakes, alpine prairies, waterfalls and numerous types of peaks and rocks. The majestic mountains and summits come in various shapes and forms, with the likes of Queen's Peak, Twelve Female Intellects Peak, General's Peak, Monkey Peak, Camel Peak and Eagle Peak being some of the more prominent pinnacles that fully exhibit the breathtaking sculptural arts of nature. When accentuated by the blue sky and white clouds, these mountains look extraordinarily exalted. There are about a hundred waterfalls of different sizes in the Valley, with the most aesthetically pleasing ones being the White Dragon Waterfall, Green Dragon Waterfall, Flying Waterfall and Flying Dragon Waterfall, all of which erupt from precipitous cliffs, with jets of water that spray into mists in mid-air before plunging down in strings of pearls. On the expansive grasslands in the Valley, wild flowers of various colors vie for attention, while the age-tested Min River Cypresses and sequoias stand and watch quietly in the surrounding. These peaks, prairies, alpine forests and flowing waters form a picturesque painting. Unique alpine lakes including the Dragon King Lake, Jing Lake, Clear Spring Lake, Zhuoma Lake, Argali Lake and Red Mountain Lake are like mirrors placed amid the alpine forests of the Bipenggou Valley. Snow-capped peaks, lush mountains, red maple leaves and wild birds are reflected clearly on the calm and tranquil lake surfaces, just as described in fairytales. There are patches of red rocks everywhere, and the Red Rock Plateau, Red Rock Shoal, Red Rock Source and Red Rock Slope appear like agates and rubies scattered among the mountains.

The glacier on Banji Peak inside the Bipenggou Valley is a favorite among mountain climbing enthusiasts. Each year, climbing teams from both at home and abroad convene here to ascend to the top and to their glory. At present the glacier on Banji Peak has become one of the most ideal destinations for mountain climbing buffs around the world.

Renowned as one of "Top Ten Trekking Routes in China," the path from the Changping Valley on Mount Siguniang to the Bipenggou Valley is a journey filled with so much mystery, color and life force that it has been dubbed by some as the "Alps of China". A picturesque landscape worthy for youngsters looking to pursue their dreams and realize their values, this 66-km path has been given the number six spot on the "Top Ten Trekking Routes in China" ranking by the China National Geography magazine.

The ancient glacier at the Bipenggou Valley is rare in its beauty and scale across the globe: Towering peaks, gargantuan ice caves, titanic glacier grooves and wide range of cirques thoroughly showcase the awe-inspiring quality of age-old glacier. There are five developed glacial scenic spots, namely the Banji Peak, Dao Valley, Chazi Valley, Swallow's Stone and Daxuetang.

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