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Friendly Reminders:

Dragon King Lake Tourism Zone Friendly Reminders:
1.You may tour and see sights around the lake, choose to ride on the electric cart or walk along the green route to reach old-growth forest, Ice and Snow Play Park and Namu Lake Spring Resort Hotel.
2.Waters are deep and dangerous at the Dragon King Lake, Jing Lake, Clear Spring Lake and other scenic sites, please beware deep water
3.Smoking and outdoor use of fire are prohibited in the scenic area
4.Littering and spitting are prohibited
5.Please help protect all plants in the scenic area
Ice and Snow Play Park Friendly Reminders:
Ice- and snow-based recreation is very interesting, and traversing the snow environment is full of fun, but alpine skiing is a sport with a certain degree of risk, please stay safe and abide by all rules of safety
1.Please ensure all necessary protective measures have been taken when entering the Ice and Snow Play Park, understand all safety requirements in the ski area, beware of accidents, and protect the facility. All injuries or damages you suffered or caused are your responsibility
2.Beginners should proceed gradually and remain cautious. Do not ski in areas that require advanced skills to avoid injuries and accidents
3.Children must be above the age of three years old and within the height of 90cm to 130cm (Those without the ability to participate in activities on one's own must be accompanied by guardians to avoid injuries and accidents)
4.Women are prohibited from wearing high-heels while participating in activities on ice and snow. Those with heart problems are prohibited from participating in activities on ice and snow. Those above the age of 50 years old are prohibited from participating in activities on ice and snow.
5.To maintain a sanitary and safe environment, please do not eat or drink inside the Play Park or bring any knife, stick, sharp object or other dangerous items into the facility.
6.When stopping or resting, stay away from the slope to avoid obstructing others. When descending do not collide into the person in front of you, otherwise you will be held mainly responsible for the accident.

Shanghaizi Lake Tourism Zone Friendly Reminders:
Within the region are old-growth forest, wetland, swamp, alpine lake, beach, large waterfall, glacier and snow-capped mountain that visitors can choose to tour via riding electric cart of walking. The touring route is 10km one-way. The major scenic spots along the path include Zhuoma Shoal, White Dragon Waterfall, Argali Lake, Moon Bay and Swallow's Stone Nest. Please beware of the following safety agendas when touring:
1Please line up to ride the electric cart and follow staff instructions. Keep hands and feet inside the electric cart at all times to avoid injuries and accidents
2Waters are deep and dangerous at Zhuoma Lake and Argali Lake, please beware deep water
3Smoking and outdoor use of fire are prohibited in the scenic area
4Littering and spitting are prohibited
5Please help protect all plants in the scenic area
In high-altitude region, strenuous exercises are not advised so as to avoid altitude sickness.
7Seniors, those in poor health, and those with high blood pressure, coronary diseases or heart diseases are advised to take the electric cart.

Namu Lake Spring Resort Hotel Friendly Reminders:
Please foster a civilized and harmonious tourism environment, as it affects the interest of every visitor. Acting responsibly and civilly is obligation for each and everyone
1.Maintain and preserve the hotel's sanitary environment. Do not spit, do not litter, do not smoke in non-smoking areas, cherish life and beware of fire hazards
2.Abide by public order. Do not make excessive noise, do not walk side by side and block passages, do not speak excessively loudly in public spaces, do not beg or loiter in the scenic area, and do not consume excessive alcohol or conduct uncivilized behaviors
3.Protect the ecological environment. Do not step on grass, do not pick or remove any parts of plants, and without explicit permission do not collect any biological samples from the tourism scenic area.
4.Cherish public facilities. Do not damage hotel facilities, conserve water and electricity, and do not carve, paint on or deface any scenery or facility
5.Respect the rights of others. Do not forcibly have photos taken with foreign guests do not occupy public facilities for excessively long duration, respect the work of service staffs, and respect the religions and customs of all ethnic groups
6.Treat others with respect and politeness. Wear proper attire, stay properly clothed in public areas, give preference to the old, the young, the sick and the handicapped, give preference to ladies, and do not use profanity
7.Conduct healthy recreation. Do not bring flammable, explosive or other danger items into the scenic area or hotel, do not bring pets into the scenic area or hotel, reject superstitious activities, and reject prostitution, drugs and gambling
8.When staying at the hotel, please take care of your own belongings and valuables

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