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2018-09-23 1869

Ice- and snow-based recreation is one of the major attractions at the Bipenggou Valley in winter. The complex here comes with a comprehensive of facilities and equipment. Other than beginner-level and intermediary-level ski slopes, there are also children's playground and snowmobile driving course. The complex has been outfitted with caterpillar cableway, and offers equipment including high-end snowboards and skis, sleds, snow tubes and snowmobiles, enabling visitors to have fun at all levels of excitement, from skiing and making snowman to snow fights and riding snowmobiles. Youngsters can choose the more exhilarating skiing activities, or revel in the peaceful and relaxing snowy atmosphere with family and friends.

The Bipenggou Valley Hot Spring is located adjacent to the picturesque Namu Lake. With temperature maintained at 74 degrees Celsius and daily flowage of 900-1,200 cubic meters, the water in this sodium bicarbonate spring is crystal clear, rich in trace elements like lithium, strontium, zinc, iodides, metasilicic acid and selenium, and noted for its relatively high health benefits.

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